Symbol: Virgo                                                       Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth                                                     Cross-border / Quality: Mutable

Polarity: Negative                                                 Houses: Sixth

Favorite colors: Green, dark brown                  Opposite sign: Pisces

Sensitive body parts: Nervous system              Amulet: Sardoniks

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Chicken                            Period: 23 August – 22 September

Virgo – Personality and Characteristic

By constantly paying attention to detail, a Virgo is a sign in the zodiac that is most dedicated to serving. Their deep sense of humanity makes them the most famous sign of the zodiac, and a methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to the case. The Virgo is often gentle but cautious; the first step in the back is to analyze things well and only then move forward.


The Virgo is an earthly sign as a bull and a goat, and they like conservative and organized things, as well as those that depend on them. These are signs that love life arranged by fascicles, even if they are the most unreliable in the world, goals and dreams are placed in strictly determined places in the head. Ask them and you will learn a lot about this sign.

Since Mercury is the dominant planet of the Virgo, it has a well-developed sense of speaking and writing, as well as for all other forms of communication. How naturally methodical they are capable of reaching the core of every chaotic situation and reject everything that is unnecessary in someone’s speech or expression. Mercury gives them the ability to say words, so many decide for a writer’s or journalistic call.

The Virgo is often misinterpreted due to the symbolism of the name of this sign. She is experiencing everything for the first time. Life uses it to reveal it, although it looks innocent, it uses the discoveries to please others. So it’s often not easy to choose a call that relates to caring for others, something like a carer’s job.

As the nervous system is associated with this sign, it should be protected against excessive stress, practicing a balanced child, including in some exercise programs, sleeping enough and injecting enough fluids. For a Virgo, a medical examination is a regular way to ensure a long and fruitful life.

When it takes a lot of worries and too much criticism, people around you are causing problems. This sign may be unfairly known for pettiness, so it is important to tolerate and learn to seek help when necessary.


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