Symbol: Taurus                                        Ruling Planet: Venus 

Element: Earth                                         Quality: Fixed

Polarity: Negative                                    House: Second

Favorite Color: Purple                             Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Sensitive Body Parts: Neck, Throat      Lucky Charms: Emerald

Chinese Sign: Snake                                 Period: 20th April to 20th May

Taurus – Personality & Character

Tough and reliable, Taurus is the first when it comes to rewards after a well and hard earned job. People born in this sign are fans of all things pretty and nice, so they will be surrounded with material pleasures often. Taurus is a very sensible and tactic sign. Connection is really important for them, on the job and in their love lives. Stabile and conservative, Taurus is one of the most reliable among all of the zodiac signs. Their stubbornness is the characteristic that makes them to finish whatever they’ve started, so that everything meets the standards. They are really creative and will enjoy making all sorts of things with their own hands.

Its own sign name says a lot about this sign’s true nature. As an Earth sign, people born as Taurus are concerned with their safety, as well as the safety of their family and home from all the negative influences. They are excellent when it comes to making money and tend to earn the highest profit with their ideas and plans, they invest and save their money too.


Taurus is known for their stubbornness, but that can also be understood as a total commitment to finishing tasks and duties. Once they’ve made a decision, they hardly ever make even the slightest of change in their plan, whether in their professional or in their love life. This makes them excellent workers because they stay in working afterhours until the job is done right, as well as excellent friends because they’re always there, no matter the challenges or turbulences going on in their lives.

Venus, the planet that represents love, attraction, beauty and creativity, leads this sign. So, it’s in their nature to be outstanding chefs, entertainers and artists. Taurus is loyal, sometimes even too much, and the people born in this sign don’t want sudden and undesired changes that will ruin the life they’ve so carefully created for themselves.
The body parts that represent this sign are their necks and throat. This means that the people born in this sign should take a really good care of those areas, to speak how they feel more than other signs, instead of blocking the energy in those exact parts which may lead to health issues.

Taurus is one of the sign you can count on the most. Even though many of the people born in this sign might have very conservative opinion and how they see the world or be too much into money and wealth, still, they have the ability to bring a practical voice of reason in any chaotic and unhealthy event. The challenges become bigger when Taurus is to be faced with uncertainty or the fact that things in life constantly move, flow. If they learn how to let go it could bring them the biggest lifetime happiness.

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