The Zodiac Stars - Adopting mindful habits can definitely help you Improve your mental and emotional health, as well as your well-being!

We doubt that the term mindfulness is totally new to you. In fact, we’re ready to bet that you’ve read it/heard it someplace at least 3 times. But, just in case you missed the gist of it, let’s just say this – mindfulness is a state in which one is completely aware of their surroundings & they are fully committed to the present moment with a free of judgment and emphatic state of mind.

However, mindfulness is not something new. In fact, it’s been a part of Eastern traditions for thousands of years. But over the course of the years, it has been somewhat popularized so that the rest of the world could enjoy the perks of it.

To fully experience all the fruits of the eastern technique, like stress-free life, improving your mental and emotional health and well-being and many many more, you can start practicing and adopt some of the following habits.

1. Be grateful

In the digital whirl full of loudly spoken opinions, false images of perfect lives, and so many choices, it’s understandable if one gets a little lost. It’s easy to forget all the great things each of one has and become bitter and frustrated.

But reminding yourself to find something to be grateful for, each and every day, is not a hard thing to do. And it’s actually incredibly helpful when trying to keep your spirits all up and joyous.

So, try writing down 3 things that you’re really thankful about, and do this every morning. Go into detail, describe your emotions when you’re writing down the things you’re grateful for. What’s a better way to start each day, than reminding yourself of all the good stuff you have in life?

2. Be mindful of the Palms and Feet

Focusing on parts of your body, like your palms and your feet will help you get back to and stay in the present. And it’s as simple as it gets – simply focus your attention on your feet, how do your feet feel. Do the same with your palms.

You can even clench your fists or curl your toes down (not in the same time), and stay in that position for several seconds. Once you’ve experienced the tightness, release them. This will make sure to bring your focus back to the present moment. Naturally, while doing this, some thought might pop on your mind. All you need to do is to draw your attention back to your feet or palms and return to the present.

3. Be mindful of your Surroundings

In order to stay in the present, you can also try giving your attention to your surroundings. Look at the things that are around you, feel them, hear them. For example, if you’re sitting on a sofa, stop and look at it for a moment. What’s it made of? Does the fabric feel soft on your touch? What color is it?

Start noticing the colors and sounds and scents around you. This doesn’t take too much time or energy, it’s simply you really noticing things around you.


4. Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths helps you calm yourself and it’s in the foundations of many different meditation practices. Just take a deep breath for a couple of seconds, and then exhale for as much. Repeat this several times and you’ll feel at ease.

5. Be mindful of what you hear

When you’re talking to a friend, a co-worker or anyone, pay attention and notice when you hear yourself judge them in your mind, while they’re talking to you. This means that you’re not listening to what they’re actually saying, you’re not familiar with the context of their story. Practicing being mindful of what other people are talking when they’re talking to you will not only help you be more present, it will also help you grow out of judgment for others, and ultimately focus on what really matters to you.

6. Be mindful of your Food

Eating mindfully translates in being completely aware of what’s on our plate and then later in our bodies. How does the food look, colors, textures? How does it smell? How does it taste? What kinds of sounds does it make while you’re chewing? It’s being entirely focused on what you’re eating and it’s actually proven to intensifies the whole eating experience to a new level.

7. Mindful Shower

There’s no better place to sing and practice being mindful! Literally! While you’re in the shower, notice how the water feels when it falls your head, your arms, your body. Be aware of the smell of the body lotion you’re using, or our shampoo. Like really feel it. It’s a simple technique that will make a quick 5 minute shower on a busy day feel like a nice, warm, relaxing bath.

Which one of these are you trying first? Share your experiences and this article with all of your cyber friends!


The Zodiac Stars - Adopting mindful habits can definitely help you Improve your mental and emotional health, as well as your well-being!


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