Symbol: Scorpio                                                          Planet: Pluto, Mars

Element: Water                                                           Quality: Fixed

Polarity: Negative                                                       Houses: 8

Favorite color: Maroon, Black                                 Opposite sign: Taurus

Sensitive body part: Reproductive system            Amulet: Opal

Chinese signs: Pig                                                       Period: 23rd October – 21st November

Scorpio – Personality and Characteristics

Good exterior deeply affects the Scorpio. Passionate, piercing and determined, they will search everything until they get to the truth. Maybe it won’t take long and they will show their emotions, but be sure that under the surface there is a lot going on. Great leader, a person born in Scorpio sign is always aware of the situation and they are very resourceful.


Scorpio is a water sign, like the Pisces and the Cancer, and they live to experience and to show emotions. Even though the emotions are of a great importance for the Scorpio, they show their feeling in different ways from the other water signs, very often they bury their emotions deep down. In any case one thing is for sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets safe whatever those secrets are.

Pluto is a Scorpio’s transformation, change and ruler. Because the Pluto is moving very slowly, that’s why the Scorpios have “cool” behavior and you will recognize them from their determinate and mysterious appearance. They are amazing leaders because they are very dedicated to what they are doing. It’s in their nature to create a large amount of changes due to their extravagant ideas.

The body part to which the Scorpios are connected is the reproductive organs, that’s why they are passionate and connected to sex, which means that they need to focus on that particular body part so they can maintain their body healthy and keep their strength.

If you taunt the Scorpio, there will be problems. That’s why they hate avoiding and lying and they are capable of being jealous and unpredictable which means that it’s important for them to learn how to accept different types of people and behaviors. They are bold and because of that they have many friends. If they try not to be so overly protective of themselves and share their feeling and emotions, that will lead to stronger relationships of any kind. There is so much going on inside Scorpios that one life is not enough to explore every layer.

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