Symbol: Sagittarius                                          Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire                                                     Quality: Flexible 

Polarity: Positive                                               Houses: 9

Favorite color: Purple                                       Opposite sign: Gemini

Sensitive body part: Hips and thighs             Amulet: Topaz

Chinese signs: Rat                                              Period: 22nd November – 21nd December

Sagittarius – Personality and Characteristics

Curious and energetic, the Sagittarius is the biggest traveler among the zodiac signs. They are open minded and that motivates them to wander far away in search of the meaning of life. It is hard to keep a Sagittarius down to earth because they are very outgoing, optimistic and enthusiastic. They love changes, in fact changes are the most valuable thing because it makes them feel good.


The Sagittarius is a fire sign for a reason, people born in this sign turn their thoughts in to action and they are capable to “walk with bare feet into fire” just so they can reach their goals. Just like every other fire sign, they need to be constantly in contact with the world so they will be able to experience as much as possible. It’s not in their nature to wait for things to happen, instead they make things happen themselves.

The biggest impact on the Sagittarius has the planet Jupiter. Because Jupiter is the trigger of happiness, it’s not strange at all that the Sagittarius has the luck on its side. The planet has big influence on the sign when we’re talking about creating and growing, that’s why it is important that gaining weight is not the only thing that is going up in their life. Their enthusiasm doesn’t have limits which gives them great sense of humor and curiosity.

The Sagittarius is connected with hips and thighs and for them it is important to pay attention to the body parts in that area. They love the nature, they love walking and camping, that’s why they need to be careful not to hurt these body parts. People born in this sign will be happy as long as they can explore, to do so they need to do exercise to keep their body healthy which will give them strength never to stop exploring.

The problem with this sign is when you give them some kind of limitation. Under Jupiter’s influence, freedom is the biggest treasure for them, because that’s the only way they can travel and explore different cultures and philosophies. Honesty is one of their characteristics and that makes them impatient and non-tactical when they need to say or do something, so it is important for them to learn how to express themselves in more tolerant and socially acceptable way.


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