To All The Girls Who Spent Too Much Time On The Wrong Love Affair

You need to know that it’s astonishing that you are so busy with the people you care about. It is wonderful that you are committed to people so much and that you are ready to give them everything. A positive trait is that you start the relationships with a wide open heart.

In everyone you see only the best. You recognize quality in people who others are passing by. In people who are exhausted and complicated. In people you think you can fix them. But the people you think you can change are those that hurt you the most. It is these people who will take everything you give to them, until you have nothing left and then they will leave, and you will remain broken.

It would be nice if you could say that you will only have positive experiences. But, unfortunately, you will experience more bad connections than good ones. You will meet people who will play with your thoughts and make you think that you are wrong. These people will respond to your messages 3 days later. They will take care of you at one point, and in others they will not care. These people will take down all the stars and then they will start to ignore you. These people will go in and out of your life as if they were entitled to it.

You will meet many people who will tell you what you want to hear, because their intentions will not be the best. And they only think of one thing. You will have many physical connections with people, but you will always lack emotional connection. And that’s not something you can create at all costs.

You will constantly try and care, because that’s you. You do not know how to be relaxed and insensitive, because you are not like them. Even the wrong people will get the best out of you. But many of them will not commit to you.

You will analyze yourself and think about your faults, thinking that you are guilty because you do not get what you need from someone, while you really try to be what someone wants. There will be times when you lose yourself pretending to be something that others want to be, instead of being what you are.

Unfortunately, people will make you think that it is bad that you are worried in such a way. But this generation does not respect your moral values. Do not change because of that, even if you meet people who will think you are crazy about some of your standards and values ​​in which you trust. They will make you think that you are doing something wrong, but the truth is that they are wrong. They will try to force you to settle the situation.


There will be moments when you really will be reconciled and accept less than what you deserve. You will start several toxic links with people who are not good. And you will be hurt very much. You will fall in love with people who do not deserve your love and labor. Many of them will not be able to turn you back what you have to give them, because it’s something different. You are different.

All are used to it to be exploited and taken for granted. They all give up expecting to get something in return. Your kindly and sincere giving without expecting anything in return is wonderful. It will sometimes cause you pain. You will cry before falling asleep and you will try to get better. But you must realize that you are already better.

You are better than guys who only use you for sex.

You are better than the guys who use you emotionally.

You are better than the guys who lie to you, they tell you what you want to hear and give you promises they never meet.

You are better than guys who can not commit to relationship.

You are better than all those messages that remain unanswered and all those games that others adore to play.

You are better than the people who leave you to wait.

You are better than the people who are leaving.

You attach yourself emotionally and think that you need someone, but the truth is that you need them and many of them are not aware of it until you go away and do not become too late.

But please do not change no matter how hurt you. One day you will meet a man who will show you that you are worth of. One day you will meet someone and all that you have done for others will turn you back. One day you will be crossing the roads with the man who will show you how beautiful you are and you start to see yourself through his eyes. You will not see the shortcomings and things you would like to change, because for him you will be perfect.

You will meet a person who will not take you for granted and use you for sex, but will teach you what sex should be in a healthy relationship. He will not keep you in secret, but will show you before the whole world. He will be proud of you. And when that happens, you will be surprised at the beginning because you have not got used to getting what you give, even though that’s exactly what you deserve.

These toxic relationships that broke you in million pieces will teach you how to appreciate the right relationship. Do not change yourself, even though you suffer, because one day you will not feel pain and one day you will be back all that you have invested in people who did not deserve your love and generosity. Then you will realize that they did not deserve you.

Do not despair because you are single! Maybe the right person is on the next corner.

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