Love Relationship With Your Best Friend – Yes or No?

There is nothing more complicated than becoming a girlfriend of your best friend. It is a bumpy road, which many evade without much thought.

But, on the other hand, passing through this path can be a really valuable experience if you eventually find the most precious – your true love.

The relationship with you best friend has its advantages and also its flaws. Below are some of them.

YES Reasons:

You can skip the dating phase.

You already know each other – you know his favorite foods, hobbies, pets that he likes. When you officially start a relationship with your best friend, you can focus on deeper conversations, long-term goals, etc.

You can be what you are.

Since he already knows that you are a huge pizza lover, your meetings do not have to be in some elite restaurants. You can always stay home and order a huge, family-friendly pizza and enjoy a dinner with an interesting movie.

It is likely that he has seen you in every possible light, and that’s why you can relax and be what you really are, because he loves you without regard to everything.

He knows your friends.

And vice versa. Because of this, there is no need for group exits where one of you will sit and answer all questions. In addition, there is no reason to wonder if his friends will accept you (and vice versa) since they already know and respect you.

AGAINST Reasons:

He may know more than you want.


Too much information can sometimes be a problem, given that he already knows how many partners you had and with whom you have slept.

He knows your weaknesses and fears, and you will always be persecuted by the thought that you are predictable and easy to “master”.

Planning surprises is a real challenge.

He knows you so well that he is always able to anticipate your reactions and read your thoughts. It’s something you will hardly escape, especially if you are a type of person who wants to make surprises for your loved ones.

You risk destroying beautiful friendship.

Breakups are inevitable, that’s something you have to accept. So if you fail to function as a couple, your friendship will be put to the test. Depending on what is the reason for your termination, you can decide whether you are better only as friends or you will turn into total strangers.

So before you put yourself in such a relationship we advice you to think twice. Write in the comments if you enjoyed reading this article, your opinion means a lot to us to continue with our mission. In the end we are doing all these only for you.

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