Experts Reveal – What Happens with your Body when you Really Like Someone

the Zodiac Stars // the Experts Reveal & we're Sharing - What Happens with your Body when you really Like Someone. Pop by and give it a read!
The first sign that you like someone is that nervous feeling you get when your crush is around. Wet palms, butterflies, the heart starts pounding, even anxiety, these are all some of the signs that you’re crushing on someone. But, do we really know if these physical symptoms exist because of the passion or insecurity?
Understanding the signals combo that comes from your heart and head will help you decide whether you really want to be with someone or you’re just attracted to the way that person makes you feel. Look at the signs that clearly show that someone really likes you.

1. You really love their body scent

According to scientists and relationship experts, if you love the way someone smells, your pheromones are supporting you. Pheromones are the substances which both animals and humans produce so that they can communicate with each other. If you feel a scent that you don’t like, that means that that person’s pheromones don’t attract you.

Pheromones help animals to identify a partner with a different immune system in a natural way. This means that their offspring will have better chances to find diseases. Their effects are so powerful, they can literally make you not like someone. After all, it’s animal instinct.

2. You’re attracted to them physically

When you like someone, your body is positioned so that it fits theirs. You’re constantly turned towards that person and pay attention to them. You might even notice that you kinda bend towards them because you want to kiss them. When you’re not attracted to someone physically, your mind doesn’t even consider you intentionally going closer to him.

It’s simple – you wanna be with someone, your body wants to too. And your body will do whatever it takes to make that desire actually happen.

3. You feel passion


When you really like someone, you can’t exactly eat or sleep. You constantly think about them, so you’re not paying attention to anything that’s not them. At the beginning the passion you’re feeling may make normal functioning harder for you.

It may sound obvious, but how many times have you thought that you like someone just because you believed that you have to be attracted to that kind of person, but then you completely forget them?

Love isn’t something that can be rushed. If you’re not feeling these things in your body, that means tat you need to focus your emotions for those people you really love, like your family, your friends, and yourself too. Regardless of whether you feel these things or not, love is constantly around you.


 the Zodiac Stars // the Experts Reveal & we're Sharing - What Happens with your Body when you really Like Someone. Pop by and give it a read!


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