10 Ways Facebook Can Destroy Your Relationship

The Zodiac Stars // Find out how negatively Facebook can affect people's love life, how it feeds partners' jealousy and threatens to destroy the relationships.

Photos, comments, likes, tags, too many virtual friends… This must be pretty familiar to you if you’re on any social media, especially on Facebook. The most popular of them all, Facebook has entered the lives of billions of people so deep, that it now has the power to affect their personal love lives.

We’re not arguing that Facebook isn’t fun, and has tons of things you can laugh about, or that it connects people, it offers the chance for people to make new friends and maintain old ones, and on. However, as fun and all as it is, it can often be the reason for tears, arguments and breakups. Facebook is super fun when used for flirting and romantic messages and whatnot, but it’s not fun at all when it turns into a jealousy and doubt source, and slowly but surely helps destroying the relationship.

Below you can find how negatively Facebook can affect people’s love life, how it feeds partners’ jealousy and threatens to destroy the relationship.

1. Constant espionage of his timeline.

This is a very addictive activity on Facebook and it never brings anything good. If you constantly analyze whose photo your partner liked, which photo did he comment on, who’s his latest friend, there’s a huge chance you’ll end up finding a reason for a fight. The brain of a woman is a strange “machine” that keeps on analyzing, making up all kinds of stories, and all sorts of, often unreasonable, guesses, so if you let it, it can turn a simple happy-birthday sort of comment into a flirt.

2. “Hacking” his profile (obviously with no permission)

If this is your habit or something you’ve been thinking about doing, just drop it! Peeking around on his profile without him giving you the green light is a sign that you don’t trust the guy, and without trust, well, the relationship is doomed to fail. He forgot to log out of Facebook? Try to get a hold of yourself and don’t look into his private virtual space, because the probability of this piling up all kinds of unnecessary thoughts, worries and troubles.

3. Discovering secrets messages in the Inbox

You’ve accidentally found yourself in his Inbox on Facebook? It won’t be strange if you’d found some secret messages from other women that you kinda didn’t know they existed. An invitation for a coffee from his “best friend”, a birthday wishing from the ex, some jokes and stuff from colleagues or friends… If this happens, first of all, don’t make a big deal out of it before knowing the truth, second, run away from there girl, run and don’t go back! His messages are private, just as yours are. You don’t really want him going through your messages either. And, of course, always, always log out and don’t share your message.

4. The Facebook War

Ah, declaring the war. If you get super pissed every time you see something on his profile, and the thought “I’m gonna show him, he’ll pay for this” pops on your mind, then you my friend, are ready for Facebook war. The worst part about this is that these sorts of wars are usually very public, super fun for the public and they can easily destroy your relationship.

5. His or Your Friendship with the exes


The ex is one of the most delicate of topics in any relationship and it is a nightmare for every woman. Even though there’s no need of exaggerations, it’s a fact that him accepting her friend request can create insecurities, jealousies and problems. On the other hand, you may not be the one that gets pissed off or cares that he’s friends with his ex on Facebook, while he’s freaking out every time he sees your ex among your Facebook friends.

6. Being obsessed with Facebook

Too many people become obsessed with Facebook and use the largest portion of their free time in front of their lap top/mobile phone. Instead of going out with their partner, they stay home and spend their time online. This sort of Facebook obsession, whether from a female or a male side, drifts partners away and creates the space for a breakup.

7. Tagged Photos with the Ex

This is a treat that often hurts the new relationships. While some women deal with this problem in a quiet way, others simply lose the trust in their partners, start doubting, and start plotting revenge in the same manner and let the lack of attention in his part to destroy the fragile new relationship.

8. Public Flirts

People often forget boundaries when it comes to online behavior, so they let themselves exchange flirting comments and stuff. No matter who’s doing this, it sure as hell can put a dark cloud on the relationship. Setting up boundaries with Facebook activities is as important as following certain principles in real life.

9. Photos of Friends

You’re asking how the photos of his or your friends can lead do troubles in paradise? It’s really simple, his friend posts a photo of their “guys night out” and there are some hot girl on the photo. Need I say more?

10. Liking, Liking, Liking

His coworker posted a photo of her on the beach, in a swimsuit, he liked the photo, and now here are you thinking “what the hell does this mean? Is he flirting? Does he think she has a better body that me?…” Same can happen to him when you like other guys’ photos.

The technology, social media and everything changes the love games and rules, whether we like it or not. We just have to adjust. Still, don’t forget that Facebook doesn’t create the troubles in the relationships of people, it just kindles the already existing ones. If you don’t let it, it won’t destroy your relationship.


The Zodiac Stars // Find out how negatively Facebook can affect people's love life, how it feeds partners' jealousy and threatens to destroy the relationships.


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