Improve your Mood Right Now with this 4 Simple Positive Psychology Exercises!

The Zodiac Stars - Improve your Mood Right Now with this 4 Simple Positive Psychology Exercises
Each of us has been in a situation where a “dark cloud” seem to constantly follow us around. And whatever we do, negativity does not want to leave. Although we can’t exactly replace the expert assistance needed by people who deal with this daily, there is still a way to feel at least a little bit better at these times. The following exercises will help you.

1. Take your brain in your control

It may surprise you, but your brain does not help when it needs to improve your mood. If you feel embarrassed or guilty, your brain may be trying to activate the reward center. Despite their distinction, feelings such as pride, shame and guilt activate the same part of the brain, the reward part. This explains why it is so easy to impose guilt on ourselves. This can happen if you stop worrying. So what can you do to avoid this? It’s best to ask “What am I grateful for?” One of the most powerful effects of gratitude is the increase in serotonin secretion. When thinking about things for which you are grateful, you are “forced” to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

2. Mark your emotions

If you feel bad, try to be specific. Why do you feel bad? What exactly do you feel? Studies have shown that by marking your emotions, you can “remove” them. To reduce grief, use only a few words to describe your emotion, which will help reduce your intensity.

3. You are not perfect, and no one is!

The most common cause of concern and anxiety is the feeling that we are not perfect. It’s crucial in this situation to forget about excellence and to accept that you are good enough. When trying to be the best, you are putting too much emotions in the decision-making process. On the other hand, when you aim to become good enough, you will feel that you have more control over the events. Making decisions involves creating intentions and setting goals, and these three things reduce care and anxiety. Making decisions changes your view of the world, helps you find a solution to your problems and calms you down.


4. The power of touch

The hug, especially the long one, causes secretion of the hormone Oxytocin, and it reduces the reactivity of the amygdala. This way you feel better. Hand holding, back touch and handling have the same effect. In a survey, the participants held the hand of their partners. They showed a reduced level of anxiety while waiting for the electric shock of scientists. This reduced the sense of pain, as well as the sense of worries.

The Zodiac Stars - Improve your Mood Right Now with this 4 Simple Positive Psychology Exercises


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