20 Psychology Tips that will Help you Solve all of your Life’s Challenges!

The Zodiac Stars - These 20 things can really turn things around for the better in your life!
Mihail Litvak is one of the world-renowned psychologists and he shares his 20 tips which, although short, if you really understand and implement, will become a powerful weapon in your hands.

Doctor Litvak has developed a system that he called a psychological aikido and he’s the first one to use it. These 20 things can really turn things around for the better in your life. So, let’s go over them below.

1. If a person doesn’t have anything good to say about him or herself, they’ll start talk bad about other people.

2. If you wanna bite, then bite some knowledge which is like granite, and not your close ones’ necks.

3. Depression happens when the man starts thinking that he’s above himself.

4. Nobody throws anyone away, some people just move forward, and other stay in the same place. And it’s those that stay in one place that think they’ve been thrown away.

5. If you think highly about yourself, why would you need others to think highly of you?

6. If you want something, don’t ask for permission. You won’t get it!

7. The ability to love and to deal with solitude like a champ is showing your spiritual maturity. In fact, people function the best when alone.

8. Immature people often have the skills, but don’t know how to harness them, while mature people have both the skills and the knowledge to use them in their own best interest. Which is why immature people criticize others, while the mature ones act.

9. I don’t know which road leads to success, but I do know which one leads to failure, and that’s the desire to be liked by everybody.

10. There isn’t men’s or women’s logic, but only an ability or disability to think smart.

11. If you want to meet your worst enemy, look in the mirror. When you face that, you’ll have no trouble at all with facing everything else.

12. Both success and offends will pass.

13. It’s nice to talk to friends, but it’s also beneficial to talk with the enemies too.

14. There’s only one reason to end your relationship with someone or quit your job, and that’s the impossibility of personal growth under those circumstances.

15. You should share your joy with both your friends and your enemies. The friends will be happy for you, and the enemies will be pissed.

16. Stop searching for happiness and you’ll find the place where it resides. That way, happiness will find you. And I can tell you one place where it can be, and it’s in you. The journey to that place is the ultimate growth of your ability.


17. Happiness is a byproduct of well organized actions.

18. If you want to prove someone something, it means you live for that person. However, if you live for yourself, then you don’t have to explain or prove anything to anyone.

19. Fantasy is the voice of your abilities. For example, if you fantasize about singing opera, but you don’t have the voice, not even nearly, it’s not very possible that your dream will come true. However, if you fantasize about something that’s more synced with your abilities, your dreams will come true much faster. It’s good when people say “I only do things that will help me make my dreams a reality.”

20. It’s better to communicate with a book, than with an empty person.

Try to remember at least some of these tips, think about them and implement such behavior. You will feel much more at ease, and synced with your own inner self. And remember, even a small change can start a whole chain of changes, which will ultimately help you live a much happier life.

How are you dealing with life’s challenges? Are there some tips you know that have been helping you? Do share them in comments, feel free to inspire some positive thoughts with the rest of us in comments! We’d be super thankful.


 The Zodiac Stars - These 20 psychology tips can really turn things around for the better in your life!


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