Symbol: Pisces                                                                   Planet: Jupiter and Neptune

Element: Water                                                                 Quality: Flexible

Polarity: Negative                                                              Houses: 12

Favorite color: Sea green                                                  Opposite sign: Virgo

Sensitive body part: Feet and immune system             Amulet: Moon Stone

Chinese signs: Rabbit                                                         Period: 19th February – 20th March

Pisces – Personality & Characteristics

“Understanding” is the best word that explains the people born in this sign. Pisces are friendly and usually they find themselves in group of very different people. Their readiness to give themselves emotionally is just a piece of the “understanding others” puzzle. They feel comfortable when they are someone’s support. Besides the fact that they are not predicted to be leaders, their existence is important in whatever else they accept.


The Pisces is a water sign and well known for empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Just like Cancer and Scorpio, people born in this sign are often deeper and tend to keep in mind unexplainable things that life brings so they can feel happy and satisfied.

The Pisces is connected with the planet Neptune and this particular planet is in charge of dreams, the mind, metaphysics and creativity. That’s why the Pisces are people and possess art talents. Because Neptune is connected with music, the Pisces explore music tendency in the earliest phases of life or they manage to navigate themselves towards poetry.

The Pisces is even a symbol to some religions and its connection to the circle of life like an evolutionary syllabus to improve all the life forms on Earth. It’s in their nature to be understanding to people and that helps them to obtain the best emotional relationship with other beings.

This particular sign has problems with feet and immune system. They constantly need to protect their feet so it won’t lead them to a serious injury, and because the immune system is very important for protecting the whole body, needless to say, especially for Pisces to take good care of their immune system.

When people born in this sign get too attached to others, they stop the motion of events. Even though this sign is well known for wisdom, it’s not rare for them soon to start trusting people and to give their trust easily. That’s what makes them often disappointed.

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