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The Zodiac Stars - Numerology: Let's see what the numbers have hidden and can reveal for a person's life path!
Can someone’s life path be summed up in just that one number? And what does that number reveal?
Numerologists say yes, a number can hold the life journey of someone, because the symbolic behind numbers is as old as humans ourselves. And each and every one of us is born on a certain date which can be later calculated in one number which will show that person’s main life paths.

What’s the number of your life’s path and how to calculate it? It’s actually really simple to do that, and it can reveal so much about you or someone you’re interested in.

All you need is the birth date. Add all the numbers (date, month and year of birth) until it’s one number between 1 and 9, unless it’s 11 and 22, which you don’t need to add together.

For Example:

John is born on 18.09.1970, so it’s: 2+9+3+1+9+7 = 31. Furthermore, 3+1=4
So, John’s life path’s number 4. We’ll go over what each number means, what carries within and how will John’s (or a person you’re interested in) life path look.

So, the numbers you can get are from 1 to 9, and including 11 and 22. Let’s see their symbolic and what they reveal for a person.

Number 1

The life path of these people is called individualism. Whether they want it or not, there are many things they need to do on their own, so in time they grow stronger and become examples to others. What is usually needed and connected to them are these attributes: bravery, will, temperament, and dynamics. They’re always active and can’t really stay still. Their life paths are filled with fights and barriers, but their characters have everything they need in order to succeed. In their activities they often get lucky, too. They’re challenged by things they can’t live without, and it’s how they lives eventually turn out. Simple laws of attraction.


Those whose lives are marked with this number are usually cooperative and some kind of calm, sometimes being passive even. These are people who function best in couples and are really talented for diplomacy and cooperation in general. It’s always easier for them to act in groups, so they struggle when they have to do things themselves. They develop and succeed gradually and there are no big leaps with them. They can act pretty conventionally, but safely too. With careful and patient approach and tolerance, it’s with others they achieve their maximum.


This number is perceived as lucky and holy by many. People with this number have a fine feeling about harmony, and they’re especially talented for communication. They usually find themselves connecting other people, sharing information or pointing others in the right direction. They’re eloquent and above-average when it comes to managing in life. It’s not rare that they spend their lives in movement, that is travelling from one place to another, then back again and on it goes. They’re open and make friends with ease, so they’re very often seen in company.


The life path of these people is marked by slow bur sure progress, and their attributes are consequent, persistent, conventionality and respect of tradition. They are guards of their own home, and often true patriots. All that is certain and determined is in their field of expertise. So if their lives don’t look attractive they function on the long run and through a patient and hard work. What separates them from the others is that they are usually accountable and the best shoulder to cry on. When they put the right foundation, they can build anything to the very end. If you’re looking for certainty and stability, then you can count on number 4.


The life path of people marked with number 5 is filled with rich, and sometimes unexpected experiences. These people are creative and capable of big passions. They know how to make a big deal out of nothing, so they’re often favorite among people because they have the vibes that something’s always happening around them. But the experiences they go through in life can go both ways, so they can sometimes go through some really unpleasant things. As courageous as they are, nothings is impossible, and with time they develop high adjust-ability, so they somehow find the way to move on from whatever happened to them.


With these people it’s all about the balance. They often find themselves in a position in life where they can or sometimes even need to choose between 2 or more alternatives. Their choices for future ask for taking responsibility of whatever they got themselves into. Which is why their path always can go in 2 directions – one that’s good for them and one that isn’t, but they always take full responsibility themselves. They’re very capable of living with other people, marriage is very important to them, just as much as family and love, because it’s with those things that they find the right balance for themselves. They’re often calm and ready to adjust. The moment of making a decision is a key for their future life paths.



7 is rich with spirit, it’s a number that represents independence and originality. It’s also a holy number consisting the 4 cardinal directions plus the holy number 3, so its symbolic is very interesting and at the same time complex. These people often have a special path, and it’s possible for them to go through literally so much, from fighting with their environment or for some ideas they have, to travel and deep thought and revelations. These people are original explorers who go through everything in their lives. They’re usually exceptionally interesting to others, but they aren’t always keen to making commitments to those people. They prefer a friendly rather than intimate relations.


The life path of these people is marked with clear and powerful actions. They have the sense for the material and are usually successful in their jobs, but not in a risk-free way. In their lives, they can find themselves in dangerous situations or combats from which they can only get out thanks to them being cold-blooded, persevere and strong. Usually after challenging situations they get their stable positions, and not rarely their fortunes too. They can also face some health-related challenges, but they are capable even for that too, so they often manage to get out alive where other people can’t seem to.


Yet another holy number, the 9 is always a promising one. These people are die-hard idealists and noble souls that simply aren’t familiar with anything that’s mean and low. Sometimes they are a little naive, but in endeavors they’re lucky. They love the heights, the far and the deep, so anything that doesn’t seem to have an end, is their field. That’s also manifested through their lives with literal travel or spiritual travels that give them wide horizons, which ultimately makes them great philosophers, explorers and people of high tolerance. They exceptionally open and big humanists. They always follow their ideals, and also know how to rise above problems. They are brave and love people.


The life path of these people is consisted of big plans, accompanied always by a touch of the exceptional.They are capable of impacting other people, and achieve huge successes. Meanwhile, they can’t stand any type of restrains, which can lead them to playing it all or nothing. This type of walking on the edge can sometimes lead to a phase of big successes, as much as failures, so their life path is often marked with big highs and lows. But because of their strong character, they keep building what’s ruined over and over and with their will they rise up to the top, so their stories continue again. Up and down, up and down, and on and on…


This number closes many cycles and predicts a life route of big and global … These are usually people who have above-average capabilities and because of that they often have the opportunities to act that will bring greater good for all people in general. Because of these types of attributes and requests that their life path puts in front of them, they often forget their own interests and participate in large projects that benefit the society. Their path is marked by many activities in which their excellent capabilities can be witnessed, and the consequences are ones that are remembered by generations on.

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  The Zodiac Stars - Numerology: Let's see what the numbers have hidden and can reveal for a person's life path!


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