Numerology Reveals: The People with these Birth Numbers Have Special Powers!

The Zodiac Stars - Numerology Reveals: The People with The Following Birth Numbers have Special Powers! Find out if you're one of them!
There are certain numbers, such as the date of birth that have a special role. It’s about the following specific numbers: 11, 22, 10, 20, and 30. There used to be a big confusion about the numbers 11 and 22. But that doesn’t mean that the other numbers are less important. Each birth date itself is specific, because it carries its own unique role, in its own way.

If you don’t know your personal number, look at how to calculate it and what it reveals about your character. And if you get one of the specific numbers in the sequel, then read what this means for you as a person.

The importance of the numbers 11 and 12 (and therefore 33 and 44) ​​can be explained by the doubled figure. People who have these numbers are in balance, created by their positive and negative sides. Since numerology numbers are used in numerology, 11 = 2, 22 = 4, these are seen as belonging to the same category, but also as if they did not belong there. They are an exception, so those who have 11 or 22 (11/2 or 22/4) on the date of birth, take into account all the different energies that symbolize these numbers. They have increased potential that provides an opportunity for a wider and more comprehensive view of the world. With some individuals, the potential is a little sleepy and unused, but precisely because of this, numerology is present in order to discover and activate it.

11/2 – Teacher, Visionary, Pacifier

The Eleventh aims at balancing female and male energy and thus balances. It requires strength, but also tenderness and integrity. The power of this number comes from great intuition, but often individuals are uncertain to believe in it. The number 11 tells you to know who you are and to live honestly, and number 2 tells you to abandon your will to higher consciousness and to participate in life. It takes courage to make life and to live one’s own dream. That’s why these people confuse others, and themselves too. Dreams and visions come from God.

22/4 – Big builders, Architects of Peace

Their life is more solid than that of the people born with the number 11/2. Things are more material, and achievements are physically visible. This number can accomplish what the number 11 dreams. The number 22 knows that it is on Earth to do something meaningful, and because of the two 2s, the communication skill must be well adapted. This number has many important things to tell the world, things that will be heard and understood.


Zero in the Number

The specificity of the births with numbers 10, 20 or 30 is perceived in the zero that is present in their birthday. Zero symbolizes the whole world. When a number is added, it does not change its value, but that zero makes it more mature, signifying that that number has made a whole circle and returns to work on itself, now from a higher perspective. Zero denotes a time of accelerated growth and offers occupation either with any challenge or by no means.

It is possible that they choose not to do anything and to rest for 9 years from the numerology cycle, working only on their other numbers, but these people shouldn’t allow themselves the luxury. As a result, the challenge of zero becomes the courage in which one can learn how to simultaneously experience all the challenges. If a person knows nothing else about life, zero can be extremely difficult. But with the struggle and survival itself, man deserves special recognition.


The Zodiac Stars - Numerology Reveals: The People with The Following Birth Numbers have Special Powers! Find out if you're one of them!


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