Symbol: Cancer                                                   Ruling Planet: the Moon

Element: Water                                                   Quality: Cardinal

Polarity: Negative                                                House: Forth

Favorite Colors: White, Silver                          Opposite Sign: Capricorn               

Sensitive Body Parts: Stomach, Breasts         Amulet: Pearl

Chinese Sign: Goat                                              Period: 21st June to 22nd July

Cancer – Personality and Character

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging signs to meet of all 12. The emotions of Cancer are extraordinarily strong, and when it comes to their family and house, nothing is more important. Empathic and compassionate, Cancer is closely connected to the pain someone’s feeling or the suffering throughout the entire planet Earth. The people born in this sign are best described as loyal.

For Cancer, their family and home is the most important. This water sign, just like Scorpio and Pisces, acts with emotions and the people born as Cancer need to feel secure before they let you near and express their deepest feelings. They’re often very empathic people, capable of understanding and feel your pain.


The ruling planet – the Moon – leads Cancer to act weird around and with people who tend to be more direct. But, they are not manipulative. They just need to glorify you before they start to feel safe enough, to avoid you rejecting them. The Moon gives them ability of psychological breakthrough, if they choose so.

Moving on all sides at once is characteristic for Cancer. These people are capable of circling around the problem that they have before they get to it and reveal it, which makes it really hard to get to know. A special kind of attention is required while they’re sharing their story in their own way. It’s important not to interrupt them, because there’s a big chance that’ll just push them back in their armor forever. If they want to stay safe and healthy during their life, they should be careful with the organs in the area of the stomach and the breasts. Digestion troubles often occur when they’re old.

The challenge with Cancer appears when they’re too sensitive to their own wellbeing or when they’re trying to take on all of this world’s problems. Being compassionate with people is one thing, but being so loyal to one person so that you stop losing your self is not healthy.

Going for some middle and balance in all things can help Cancer to reach the best results for them and those they want to help. Being by water makes them feel the most comfortable and helps them reach to the past so that they wouldn’t need to commit unnecessary.

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