What Is Like To Have a Taurus By Your Side ?


Do you have someone shy or stubborn in your life? Is it someone who’s very romantic? Or it’s a very loyal person? Yes? Well of course that is Taurus!

You can recognize a Taurus by it’s silence. Conversation with a Taurus is very straightforward. There is no room for anything else than ‘yes or no’ when talking with them. They are very persistent and nothing can disturb their tranquility. If Taurus are under pressure they are becoming stubborn. Taurus may become very angry if you bother them. The best advice you can get is ‘don’t argue with a Taurus’. People born in this sign are very tolerant and shy but if someone crosses the line they can get really mad. Taurus wants romantic relationships but they won’t approach first. Their main characteristics are passivity loyalty and stubbornness. Taurus are always going to be by your side, they are great friends! People born in this sign prefer to stay at home and call some friends to come over. They don’t like nightclubs and bars.

Like we mentioned, Taurus are very stubborn but they won’t admit it. People born in this sign don’t think they are stubborn. Taurus thinks that they are just very emotional and people are unfair to them. People born in this sign don’t understand ‘satire’ but they will laugh hard if someone slips on banana peel. Beautiful pictures and beautiful music leaves a strong impression on them. Every Taurus loves luxury, but they are against spending too much money and extravagance.

A Taurus man wants a polite and well educated woman. She should be a good housewife. Taurus man wants his wife to be very gentle and seductive.

A Taurus woman needs a man who will respect her and be grateful to her. A woman born in this sign is seeking for someone who’s very wealthy!

The most crucial thing for Taurus in a relationship is loyalty. People born in this sign are attracted by physical appearance. But despite the appearance they appreciate intelligence and fantasy. You will seduce Taurus with ignorance or passivity. Taurus are very romantic, they want romantic looks, romantic walks and holding hands. If you are a romantic soul just like Taurus, it’s all yours.


If you have to break up with a Taurus you are in serious trouble. These people don’t want to lose what they possess. They think that they are possessing you. If you try to break up, they will fight to keep you. After breaking up they are going to be sad, unhappy and they will remember you for a long time.

Taurus are the most jealous zodiac sign. They are jealous even when their partner is loyal. People born in this sign always suspect something.
These people are very lazy. Sometimes they have mental breakdowns because they are unable to accept new situations, new life or new way of living. They may have health problems with mouth, neck, throat, bowels and bladder.

A Taurus child wants to enjoy life. This child needs time and peace. It is very shy and sometimes lazy. These kids are going to ask you deep questions like: How children are born? How do flowers bloom? You should always give them an answer. This kid is going to be very stubborn. The little Taurus is passive, jealous and doesn’t want to share chocolate with its younger brother or sister. Parents should play cards with the kid or a game which includes diplomacy. The little Taurus may have problems with limbs, ears or throat. The best food for this child is cabbage, radish, spinach and seafood.

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