The Zodiac Signs’ Reactions when Someone Tells them they’re Beautiful

The Zodiac Stars - The Zodiac Signs' Reactions when Someone tells them They're Beautiful.
Each and every one of us reacts in a different manner when complimented. Some get a little blushy, others accept the nice words pretty chilled, with a simple thank you. There are also types of people who can’t seem to believe when others are complimenting them, which often means that they are fairly insecure or just don’t love flattering words.

So, let’s see, based on your zodiac sign, how do you react when someone tells you you’re beautiful?

“Okay. Thank You”

Arieses will say their thank yous shortly and without explaining and additional thoughts. It may look confusing to you, but trust us when we tell you – it’s not. In fact, Arieses are pretty darn aware of the qualities they have, so whether you point that out or not, it doesn’t make any difference to this sign.

“Haha. Nice joke. Stop this nonsense”

Tauruses usually don’t accept flattery compliments, especially those related to looks, because, for these people, that’s a little shallow, superficial thinking. As a sign that respects personal achievements, Tauruses will get far more excited if you compliment something they’ve earned or bought without anyone’s help.

“I’m more beautiful than you anyways”

Geminis will turn the compliment into a joke, and for them, every joke is more than a half true. However, they love their friends, good communication and a lot of parties, so whether someone mentioned their beauty or not, they’re fun with that.

“I’m glad you think I’m beautiful”

Cancers will accept compliments in what seems as a modest and calm way, while inside they have a tornado of emotions. This may be the sign that searches for proof from people around the most. Compliments really suit these people, even though they will receive them with a slight, blushing smile.

“I know it!”

Whether you said it or didn’t, Leos already know they’re the prettiest in the entire room. They have the most beautiful skin, brightest eyes, and of course, the most beautiful hair. They’re the happiest when under attention, so compliments related to their beauty are not an exception.

“No, I actually have this huge pimple on my face and it’s pretty disgusting”

Virgos will make you pay attention to detail, just as they are used to do. There’s really not that much Virgos out there that will win the self-fight and learn that they don’t need to be perfect for others to love them. People love you just the way you are!

“I love you. Wanna hang out?”

As a sign that’s the most pro-justice and equality, Libra considers that it’s pretty normal that when someone compliments them to become their best friend. Obviously, the people born in this sign do so because they think everyone’s as honest and kind as they are.

“I know you just wanna mess with my head and become my friend and later on use me somehow. I just know it too well”


Scorpios are mystical, suspicious, and very careful when it comes to flattery people. They’d rather destroy themselves before letting anyone else do that. They hardly ever buy compliments, not because of low self-esteem, but because they think they’re tough and don’t need other people approval on their looks or qualities.

“Really? Okay, good”

One year in, the other one out. Sagittarius will be surprised by a compliment on their beauty, but they will forget it like 3 minutes later. It will mean much more to them if you compliment their dedication to fitness or whatever sport they’re into.

“I’d rather be considered kind and capable, but okay, beautiful’s not bad either”

Capricorns are methodical and patient, and sometimes very critical when people aren’t as ambitious as they are. They pay much more attention to their goals and successes than to their looks. Like Tauruses, Capricorns too will appreciate a compliment about their dedication and work ethics they have far more than a simple beauty compliment.

“You guys don’t joke around with me? Who told you to say this? Is there a hidden camera?”

Aquarius is maybe one of the most insecure signs when it comes to their outside beauty. Even though they are ultra modern and always try to stay trendy, they appreciate the intellectual much more than the physical and emotional aspects.

“And, so what?”

You won’t seduce Pisces by just telling them they’re beautiful. This compliment won’t rock their world. Many find Pisces to be helpless, when in fact they are much stronger then they let others see.


The Zodiac Stars - The Zodiac Signs' Reactions when Someone tells them They're Beautiful.


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