The Healthiest Food For Every Zodiac Sign


What should Zodiac signs eat in order to protect their health? Aries enjoy eating meat and chocolate. Virgo can’t live without candy’s. Pisces don’t eat meat, they prefer strudels and donuts.

Aries- High blood pressure is very common. When Aries have a high blood pressure they are healing with alcohol and sport. Aries especially love meat but the best food for them is fish and salad. Fish and salad may really help when Aries are dealing with anxiety. The Aries prefer to eat chocolates and candy’s. They are the biggest children of all zodiac signs.

Taurus– Everyone thinks that Taurus enjoy food. But is that true? They want to cook or order a food from their favorite restaurant. They love restaurants with good food and good music. Taurus may have problems with thyroid glands. If Taurus have a thyroid problems they should eat dairy products.

Gemini- They often hide candy’s and cookies under the bed. People born in this sign have a lack of discipline. First of all they should stop drinking carbonated drinks. The best food for Gemini are cheese, meat, oriental food and Chinese food. They should also stop eating pizza after midnight.

Cancer– They long for love and attention. They love reading recipes and books full of recipes. They may be lazy, but the food of people born in this sign is very delicious. When Cancer are sad they eat a lot of chocolate and drink big amounts of coffee. Cancer woman prefers to eat ice cream and fruits while Cancer man loves meat.

Leo- People born in this sign love fast food. They enjoy eating sandwiches with a lot of ketchup chili and fries. They also drink a lot of cola. These people often have stomach aches and allergies because of the food they eat. They should eat healthy food which includes meat, vegetables and fruits. People born in this sign love to drink beer and wine.

Virgo- They can’t be on a diet even for a minute! They must eat chocolate, candy’s and ice cream all the time. Virgo enjoy eating seafood in restaurants. They could destroy the functions of pancreas if they eat a lot of candy’s. The best food for Virgo are soups and cereal.

Libra– People born in this sign should eat healthy food and by healthy food we mean: salads, lemons, apples, rice, eastern spices, seafood, soups and etc. Libra may have kidney diseases. In this case the best solution is drinking mineral water and herbal teas.


Scorpio- They love eating beef steak, squid, exotic spices, Mexican food and other specialties. They enjoy drinking beer and red wine. Scorpio don’t eat healthy food and that’s the main reason they have stomach disorders. Scorpio are great chefs, they prepare the food with love.

Sagittarius-People born in this sign enjoy eating fast food. They also love coconut milk, coconut flour and candy’s. Sagittarius often have inflammation of bile ducts. If they want to protect their health they should eat potatoes and rice. People born in this sign are often anxious. For reducing anxiety they should drink green tea, black tea, yellow tea and herbal tea.

Capricorn– They enjoy eating cheese and drinking yogurt. They may have calcium deficiency. In this case the best solution is to eat fruits, especially almonds and walnuts. They eat in restaurants because they don’t have that much time to cook at home. That’s the main reason they gain weight so often. They also enjoy eating Indian and oriental sweets.

Aquarius– They want to know everything about health and healthy food. But on the other side they don’t eat healthy food nor protect their health. People born in this sign should eat fruits, vegetables, seafood and Chinese food. From candy’s they prefer ice cream.

Pisces– They don’t eat meat. People born in this sign enjoy eating strudels and donuts in every shape. They love to spend time in the kitchen and make macaroni and pizzas. Pisces should have a diet from time to time which includes mango, kiwi, bananas, herbal tea and red wine.

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