The Dark Side Of Zodiac Signs


Are you stubborn? Or jealous? Or unfaithful? Or maybe you are very emotional? Read the dark side of Zodiac signs so you could find out!

Aries man– They want to rule and they are often tyrants. The Aries man wants to be dominant and wants to lead everything. Aries are aggressive, jealous and unfaithful. They don’t do all of these because they are evil. It’s because of the nervousness they feel all the time. If Aries are anxious they could lose their mind. Aries are uncompromised and they are very good liars.

Aries woman– She is capable to live in very bad conditions without saying a word. She is courageous and doesn’t have prejudices. Aries woman is very emotional. Woman born in this sign may become a sadist if she doesn’t find her match.

Taurus man– He is very emotional and stubborn. If he can’t convince others in his beliefs he may get very angry. If you offend a Taurus man, he won’t speak to you for years!

Taurus woman– She is patient and serious. She’s not ambitious but she is a gold digger. Sometimes she is very stubborn and others may think she is impolite or selfish. The Taurus woman is very possessive and jealous. All that a Taurus woman needs from partner is faithfulness and honesty.

Gemini man– This man looks like a clown and he is a big liar. He never has an opinion about things, but he speaks all the time. He never cares what other people think. He’s making people to think that he is very modern and emancipated.

Gemini woman– She has a good soul. She may get very emotional although she is not an altruist. The biggest problem of Gemini woman is that she gives up very easily. A Gemini woman loves changes, flirts and sensations.

Cancer man– He cries often and complains all the time. He changes his mood a thousand times during the day. He never knows if something was real, or he was just dreaming. Cancer man is the ‘black sheep’ in his family. The biggest problem of a Cancer man is that he can’t overcome life difficulties.

Cancer woman– She is very shy. She can’t overcome big changes. Cancer woman is very unpredictable. These women can be very aggressive although that is a very rare event.

Leo man– They don’t have a sense for fashion and they often look like clowns. Sometimes a Leo man may study a faculty for 10 years or even more. These men are very proud and they refuse taking advice from others.

Leo woman– She always looks on the bright side of life! The biggest problem of a Leo woman is that she’s very proud. She is very impulsive and sometimes people can’t handle that.

Virgo man– This person could stop speaking with you for no reason. He is very ugly and self-destructive. He always wants to work something. But he never works because he isn’t ambitious and motivated.

Virgo woman– Her motto is: there are no coincidences! She is very neat and sometimes she may be analytical. This woman has no feelings for people or animals. She has feelings only for material things, but she’s not aware that they won’t bring her happiness. These women want to keep everything under control.


Libra man– These men can’t even bring the smallest decision. For ex: should they stay in bed or get up. He is very happy when people laugh at his jokes. He’s never satisfied, despite all the successes he always thinks that he can do better. The Libra man is very unfaithful to his wife. He always has a mistress. A Libra man doesn’t know how to keep secrets.

Libra woman– She is independent and she has a strong bond with family, especially with her mother. She is very friendly with people and she is a good housewife. But on the other hand, she is very stubborn. She always thinks she’s right! In love, she’s very unfaithful.

Scorpio man– He hates everyone including himself. If his wife or girlfriend cheats on him he will lock her in the basement! He is sarcastic. He is tyrant. He is very unfriendly. Oh and yes! He’s also jealous, ironic, stubborn and impatient.

Scorpio woman– She is very narcissistic. Her partner may say: I wish I never ever met her at all. You wonder why? Yes? It’s because she is a maneater.

Sagittarius man– He is very rude. A Sagittarius man can’t keep a secret. Sharing secrets makes you feel better but don’t share a secret with Sagittarius! He is very confident and fearless. He talks with excessive pride about his achievements or abilities.

Sagittarius woman– She pretends all the time! She has a hundred faces! People think she is very mysterious. Sometimes she can’t control her feelings. Women born in this sign are very dominant.

Capricorn man– Capricorn man always has a smile on his face. But that smile is poisonous. They will knife you in the back when you least expect it. They are big liars. The Capricorn man could tell lies without being caught.

Capricorn women– She is very cynical and shy. A Capricorn woman may try to kill herself if she has a mental breakdown. Women born in this sign are very intolerant.

Aquarius man– He is unpredictable and can’t control his feelings. He doesn’t know how to earn money. Men born in this sign don’t pay back money borrowed from a friend or someone else. Women often leave Aquarius men because of his debts.

Aquarius woman– She may get very emotional if she has unfulfilled wishes. Aquarius women are often unfaithful. They can be very promiscuous.

Pisces man– He doesn’t appreciate his talent. Pisces man changes his mood very quickly. They don’t have their opinion, it’s very easy to manipulate with them!

Pisces woman– This woman is very shy and very mystical. A woman born in this sign runs away from her problems. She can be stubborn and hysterical but most of all she’s spoiled. Pisces woman may act extravagantly although she is very modest.

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