Libra and Leo – Love Combination


When the Libra and the Leo enter into an affair, they form a wonderful whole based on consent, understanding and emotional connection. The infinite energy of the Leo, combined with the natural sense of harmony on the scale, gives it a balance of this love affair. The Libra and the lion have quite common features. They know they are pretty eccentric, despite their restraint. They are direct in expressing their feelings, but at the same time wanting peace in relationships with other people.

The Libra with his charm and good manners, he can tame and control the temperamental, categorical and cunning Leo. But unlike the Libra, the Leo is much more resolute. He not only quickly plans plans and solutions, but also instantly puts in action to realize them. This feature introduces spontaneity and functionality in their relationship.

The Leo is led by the Sun, which symbolizes strong male energy and determination, and the Libra is governed by the Venus planet, which introduces femininity and tenderness in this sign. The Libra enjoy the beauty of the romantic moments, and the Leo requires freshness in life, which unselfishly spreads to the people around him. This connection is the collision of two opposing energies, which create the basis of love – heat and passion. The Libra is able to negotiate with the fierce and impulsive Leo, which enables these two signs to form and successful joint business. Both signs are valuable people committed to their work, so if they happen to work in the same place, they will have no problem to complete all the obligations on time.


The Libra and the Leo are able to meet halfway, and when they agree, they are immensely happy together, but they must be considerate of the feelings and desires of the other. In this sense, the orientation of the lion to action can come into conflict with the passive Libra, whose behavior is based on the current mood. These signs have different interests, and the Leo seeks to be among the people, so that it can tell great stories on its reserved Libra. The durable lion, “looking at her fingers” on the manipulative scale and her current whims. This couple must work to “smooth the uneven” in the relationship, in order both to realize their individual dreams.

The Leo is the leader in the relationship as a result of his great energies and power of persuasion, while the Libra quietly takes the helm out of the intellectual perspective. The Leo wants to issue orders because he wants to be authoritative, while the Libra in a more subtle way can turn it on her side. She is happy when she succeeds in reducing the vast ego of the Leo. It is very important that the lion understands the importance of sacrificing a relationship. The Libra are able to see the two sides of the quarrel and easily reach a compromise, while the temperamental lion takes more time before giving up.

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