Egyptian Zodiac: Find out which is your most powerful weapon of seduction


Be like Cleopatra! Follow the advice of this ancient Egyptian recipe that reveals the secrets of seduction and make sure that it is easier to win the one you like with your most powerful weapon.

You will find out what she wants most, so use your feminine wisdom …

The Egyptian horoscope is divided into 12 signs, with each one of them lords of one deity. The old Egyptians used it to help them win the one who liked them.

Amon, God of the Prophets (January 1 – February 2)

Those born under the sign of Amon are persistent, unobtrusive and very emotional. Although they act indifferently, they exercise their will quietly and slowly. The person who feels like it is conquering it by simply sitting down to it and “it will radiate happiness”. Amonites are very loyal and do not tolerate infidelity. If the link goes in a bad direction, they immediately interrupt, because they are not interested in something that has no future. Ammon, the supreme god of Egypt, protects in the love life. Their color is golden, the yoke, ie. intelligence is their biggest weapon of seduction.

Shebek, god of the Nile River (February 3 – March 4)

The faces under this sign are sometimes blinded by external beauty and luster, but, fortunately, they quickly return from the trance. In love relationships insist on intellectual understanding, but are unstable and difficult to reconcile to one person. They are very honest and do not forgive a lie. Their sex is important, so they are looking for a partner with the same erotic interests and inclinations. Their protector is a god-crocodile, keeper of the holy river Nile and ancient treasures of Egypt. Their favorite color is their blue, and they seduce with their own innocence.

Osiris, the god of fertility (March 5 – April 9)

Romantic and sensual, the children of Osiris love nature, poetry and animals. Their love and tenderness are indispensable, without them they feel completely lost. In his youth, he is inclined to idealize his love partner, which is why he often experiences disappointment. Later, they approach their connections more closely, and when they fall in love, they are extremely faithful and passionate. They are attracted to sincere individuals, not too much of sex in the sex, because they are quite conservative. The birth of this sign protects Osiris – the god of fertility. Their color is indigo blue, and in the seduction they use their most powerful weapon-look.

Ptah, the God of Truth (April 10 – May 2)

In love are impulsive, full of demands and insist on sincerity. Ptah is God of Truth, and the births in this sign disagree on fraud-based links. They are very impatient and often because of hasty decisions they break quality relationships because they fail to penetrate into the essence of the partner. By nature, they often fall in love, they are very passionate and love everything now and here. However, they are very careful when choosing a spouse. The red color brings them luck, and they seduce with their laughter.

Horus, the God of Life (May 3 – June 16)

Non-existent as a butterfly, the children of Horus, the god of heaven, hardly have strong connections. They have a restless spirit, inclined to love adventures and sex for one night. They are constantly looking for an ideal partner, for them at the beginning everyone is “the one who is right”. To make themselves one-to-one, the person you want must be strong and stable. And the slightest trace of possessiveness will drive this sign out. Amber color brings luck, and their most deadly weapons of seduction are witty.

Neftis, goddess of love (June 17 – July 21)

The ruler of this romantic sign is the beautiful Neftis, goddess of love. Her children are unbelievably faithful, tend to associate with their loved one both body and soul. In an uninterrupted search for their second half, sometimes it happens that they “lose the compass” and start wandering from one partner to another. They tend to dream, but they know how to materialize their dreams. They are extremely creative and must be expressed through some form of art. When seduction they should rely on their looks that will be more appealing if they wear white.


Seth, the god of lightning and storms (July 22 – August 18)

Seth is the god of lightning and storms and gives the members of this sign intense passion. They need a person with a balanced character and temperament who will know how to deal with their tumultuous emotions. It is very important for them to be attractive to others, and they want to be obsessed with publicity in public. The children of Seth conquer with their worthy appearance and aristocratic holding of the body, and their colors are orange and gold.


Anubis, god-protector (August 19 – September 21)

Anubis provides his children with a happy and peaceful love life. The births in this sign are responsible, intelligent, honest, emotional and romantic, and the lack of them is that they have no initiative. Looking for someone who will know how to recognize their qualities. They want to be seduced, and that slowly, and from the relationship await security. Their ideal partner must be exuberant and somewhat mysterious, because it rejects too much sincerity and openness. Their color is dark blue, and the weapons of seduction are their intelligence.

Ra, god of the Sun (September 22 – October 15)

Measured, full of love and attention, the born under the protection of the god Ra finds the face for life in pairs in ease. They are pleased to receive compliments, but also generously share them. They are very popular in society and are simply absorbed in their irresistible charisma. A disadvantage is that they are hesitant and difficult to decide when choosing a partner, especially if their reason fights with the heart. If they want a fortunate future, they should not look at the past. The green color brings them happiness, and they seduce with their harem.

Isis, the Goddess of Miracles (October 16 – November 9)

Isis is a goddess of fertility, a protector of marriage and motherhood, but also of miracles. People born under her protection have strong intuition and magical power. Their enchanting smile simply entices, so it’s hard for them to conquer the person they like. In love they surrender with all their heart, because they want to make the happy loved one. They are extremely passionate and free from all kinds of prejudices, for which there is no forbidden fruit. Red color brings happiness, and mystery is their powerful weapon.

The God of Wisdom (November 10 – December 3)

Born under the sign of Toth, the god of wisdom, they hardly express their feelings, but they always act deeply and carelessly. They are attracted to adventures and new friendships, and most of them are responding to personalities who will be their “safe harbor”, where they will return for exciting adventures and travel. They are complicated and often change their mood, and they represent a real mystery to other people. The happy color is purple, and the most powerful weapon – optimism.

Hater, goddess of art (December 4 – December 31)

They are “in love with love”. They need a partner who will understand them and who will know how to inspire the feelings that swirl in the depths of their soul. Hater is a goddess of art and music and her children decorate gentle emotions. No matter how they desire the true love, at the same time they are afraid of it, because they sometimes behave with restraint and cold. They have great sexual potential and are loyal spouses. Their color is dark green, and are seduced by their mysteriousness and independence.

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