Symbol: Aquarius                                                                 Planet: Saturn, Uran

Element: Air                                                                          Quality: Strict

Polarity: Positive                                                                   Houses: 11

Favorite color: Turquois                                                      Opposite sign: Leo

Sensitive body part: Ankles, Circulatory system             Amulet: Turquois

Chinese signs: Tiger                                                               Period: 20th January – 18th February

Aquarius – Personality and Characteristics

Aquarius can be manifested in 2 ways: on one side as shy and calm and on the other side very eccentric and energetic. In both sides they are deep thinkers who love to help the others. Highly intelligent, from the independence of this fire sign comes intuition forwarded with logic. Both types of people are very capable of seeing both sides without prejudice, which makes them problem solvers. Even though they are flexible to the energy that surrounds them, the Aquarius needs to have some time alone, far from everything to manage to renew the energy. The key word for this sign is “imagination”. People born in this sign can see the world full of possibilities even though sometimes it may seem that there are none.


The planet connected to this sign is Uran and it’s in the planet’s nature to be aggressive and sudden, but that gives the Aquarius visionary values, people born in this sign need to plan and know what’s going to happen in 5 or 10 years. They feel good in group or community which makes it harder for them to be surrounded with other people very often.

Aquarius is a symbol for water keeper, water that can heal people, plants and animals and makes sure that the life continues. That’s why the Aquarius is capable of doing anything to maintain balance and to feel like having impact in life.

For this sign weak spots are ankles and circulatory system. For good health it is best often to check upon this organs.

The biggest problem for Aquarius is the feeling of being limited. The wish for freedom and equality, people born in this sign will always tend to keep the freedom of speech and movement the way they want. They have reputation of cold and insensitive, but that’s just their defensive mechanism against becoming close to someone too soon. To learn to trust others and to express their feeling in a healthy way are the two skills that come with time and growing up.

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